EEUA Award 2020
Agency Award Nomination: Russian Universities' Choice

This is the agency application form for "Russian Universities' Choice" Nomination

If you want to get nominated, please fill in the form below. As soon as your nomination is confirmed you will be provided with a VOTE LINK, which you will be able to send to partner universities with a supporting request.

The nomination is open for agencies which recruit students for Russian & CIS universities.

Agency Application Form
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How many students did you send to Russian (CIS) universities in 2019?
How many partner universities do you have in Russia (CIS)?
Please COUNT ONLY the universities for which you recruited students in 2019.
The Grand Award Ceremony
The winners will be announced at the Grand Award Ceremony on May 13, 2020.
The Grand Award Ceremony, accompanied with dinner, will take place in the frame of the 9th Annual International Universities Networking Conference & Workshop ►
IUNC Eurasia 2020

Participation in the Grand Award Ceremony with dinner is free of charge for agencies participating in IUNC Eurasia 2020 conference. Register to attend IUNC Eurasia 2020 conference & workshop Registration Page